Async Multiplay Tech

Forget Single Player gameplay, Async Multiplay™ allows you to give your players 99% of the multiplayer experience at 1% of the effort. It provides a real player competition experience without the need of setting up complex real time infrastructure.

Competitive Formats

With the ability to Create Custom Tournaments, Instant Duels, And User Generated Friendly Matches, Arena Gives your players the complete multiplayer experience. Challenge and Motivate Your Players To Play More.

Match Making Capabilities

To make sure your players have the best competitive experience, Match Making is supported out of the box. Users are matched with each other as per their skill level in the game to give the best competitive experience.

Fully Managed Infrastructure & Live Ops Management

No servers to build or manage, focus on building your game. Live Ops dashboard to create and manage all events such as tournaments, duels and rewards for your players. You can set up recurring daily, weekly or monthly formats and manage rewards from the admin panel. Arena will get you started within 1 day.