Why we are building Jambox


The power of the Smartphone is nonpareil, demonstrated by the mobile gaming industry which stands at $85 B in 2020, an industry which is still growing at record pace every quarter. I find myself honoured to have worked in this industry for the last decade.

The mobile gaming industry is dominated by global giants. Think Tencent, King, Supercell, Playrix, Zynga, Peak and others. Top 1% of the Game Publishers and Developers make over 90% of all the revenue and downloads in gaming. Most Indie game developers in Asia struggle to scale their games and compete against global incumbents.

Having closely trailed and worked with many of the chart-topping games and watched them climb the ladder, I have noticed first hand the democratization of the craft of game development. However the challenge faced by the developers has moved up the stack to growth and monetization, topping the charts on App stores is more science than art in today’s competitive world. Due to this, there are always great games available in the market, which have never seen traction, ‘Among Us’ being a great example, a game which struggled for 2 years before becoming a global hit. While game creation is largely democratized, game publishing is still the bastion of sophisticated global incumbents with access to BI (business intelligence) tools, vast UA budgets and expertise in monetization and performance marketing.

That is the challenge Jambox games is working to solve. Our platform’s tools and resources will be built to make developer’s games successful and maximize their earnings. Our business model will be aligned with developer success and we will put our skin in the game and invest in their games. At Jambox Games, we believe we will win only when our developer partners win with their games.

Joining me on this journey are a trusted team of veterans and experts in their respective fields. You can learn more about the core team here!

We are also looking for more talented folks to join our team, you can check out the opportunities on our careers page